ASOMAFRUT takes part in the visit of the Spanish Parliament´s Agriculture Comission arranged by CASEM

The president of Mercamadrid Confederation of Business Associations (CASEM), Alfonso Mozos, has received several members of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Spanish Parliament´s Comission and explained to them the very essential the Central Markets and Wholesaling Companies are as a link in the Food Chain, becoming evident they are a guarantee of Health Safety as well as a key part in the supply of fresh produce, as it has been obvious both throughout COVID 19 pandemic and Filomena phenomenon.

The Business Companies located in Mercamadrid, covering an area of 400 m2, supply more than 12M people, create more than 9.000 direct and 25.000 indirect jobs and guarantee the existence both of small producers and proximity traders, as well as local markets and small supermarkets.


During their visit through the Central Fish Market, accompanied by AEMPM (Madrid Fish Wholesaling Companies Association) and the Fish Market wholesalers, Julia Gonzalo, Julián Montes and Francisco Javier Benitez, the Mp´s have been shown the dynamic of the Companies operating in the most important Fish Market in the world according to its wide range of fish varieties, the business relationships between suppliers and customers and the auctioning and creation of prices in an open way. They have pointed out that Wholesaling Companies provide food safety: tracking and appropriate labelling, cold chain… A regulated public service supervised by local veterinarians.

After that, the Mp´s have visited the Fruit and Vegetables Central Market where Andrés Suárez, member of ASOMAFRUT Board of Managers (Madrid Central Market Fruit and Vegetables Association), Santiago Blázquez, Asomafrut Managing Director, Noelia Álvarez, Raúl Fernández and Raquel Paradela, the three of them, fruit and vegetables wholesalers, have outlined that supply and demand concentration takes place in the Central Markets, a perfect competence of hundreds of Companies which commercialize similar products in the same place, for the best interest of retailers and so, for the best interest of the final consumer as well: business transactions are on the basis of a trust relationship between suppliers and customers.

Also, all the hosts have requested from the Mp´s that they take into account the particularities of such an essential link in the food chain as the wholesaler, concerning the reformation of 12/013 Law.



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